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Respect and care for the community of life - "Accept that with the right to own, manage, and use natural resources comes the duty to prevent environmental harm and to protect the rights of people." (2 a).

In line with this principle, our nutritional project has made use of biodegradable and compostable containers for the food paste. Thanks to Novamont Spa, leader in the sector, 2000 jars made of Mater-Bi® have been sent to Guinea Bissau.

Under the brand name Mater-Bi®, Novamont produces and markets a vast range of innovative bioplastics, obtained thanks to proprietary technologies in the field of starch, cellulose, vegetable oils and their combi
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Bees: Indicators of sustainability
04-03-2016 22:05 - Generic
This year too, thanks to the work carried out by Dr. Olivero Carlo, an experienced beekeeper from Cuneo, training and refresher courses in the field of beekeeping were held from January 10th-30th, 2016, in Madrugada and in numerous villages, with the participation of many beekeepers interested in...
Preservation methods: Desiccation
04-03-2016 21:39 - Generic
Training courses were held in March 2015 for the realization of solar food dryers for use in the family or in entire villages.
The training of women in the villages of Guinea Bissau continues.
04-03-2016 21:21 - Generic
All those who took part in the training course held in January 2015 by Centro Studi per la pace Onlus and with the collaboration of Alessandro Mazzali, a member of the Association Cuochi Senza Barriere of Milan, are continuing to teach what they have learned to women in other more distant village...
3rd Edition of "The Earth Charter in Schools" project.
11-10-2015 19:02 - Generic
The non-profit organisation Centro Studi per la Pace Onlus has launched its 3rd edition of "The Earth Charter in Schools" project open to all the schools in the Province of Cuneo. The project is mentioned on the website 'World Peace Unify - Global Events Map' at:

"Charity Event 2015"
04-07-2015 19:22 - Generic
A Charity Event organized by the Centro Studi per la Pace Onlus was held on Saturday June 20th at the 'Palatenda' of Demonte, Cuneo. Our sincere thanks for the successful outcome of the event go to our supporters, Pier H2o, Orso Bianco, Cantine Cagnassi, Aimaretti Prociuttificio, Mago Gelo, Ecote...
2nd Edition of the "The Earth charter in Schools" Project
22-04-2015 21:09 - Generic
What better way to celebrate Earth Day than to announce the winners of the 2nd Edition of the "The Earth charter in Schools" Project:

For the Secondary school category:
First prize of 500 euros goes to Class 3E of the' Istituto Comprensivo S. Grandis' of Borgo San Dalmazzo (CN); "Their work full...
"Preservation and Processing of local food products"
02-02-2015 21:52 - Generic
The "Preservation and Processing of local food products" programme was launched in January in collaboration with the Association "Cuochi Senza Barriere" (Chefs Without Barriers), with the aim to sustain the population of Guinea Bissau by improving their state of health through a balanced diet. Ea...
The "Earth Charter in Schools" project goes to UNESCO
11-01-2015 11:57 - Generic
The "Earth Charter in Schools" project firmly supported and desired by the Italian non-profit organisation Centro Studi per la Pace, Demonte (CN), was added to a collection of experiences on the adoption of the Earth Charter in education, entitled "The Heart of Matter: Infusing Sustainability Val...
Beekeeping in Guinea Bissau
12-10-2014 16:35 - Generic
September 26th 2014 marked the conclusion of the mission in Guinea Bissau dedicated to Beekeeping, carried out thanks to volunteer Dr. Giuseppe Puglisi, vet and beekeeper from Cuneo.
In collaboration with the area's different realities, the Centre for Peace Studies of Demonte conducted two traini...
2nd Edition of the "Earth Charter in Schools" Project
12-09-2014 22:25 - Generic
In celebration of the "International Day of Peace" observed annually on 21 September, this year the NGO CSPace will set out on its 2nd Edition of the "Earth Charter in Schools" Project, in which all the schools in the Province of Cuneo will be able to take part.
Solar food dehydrator
12-07-2014 22:05 - Generic
The project was donated by PS76 Onlus of Genoa. CSpace made the dehydrator manually with wood and recycled plastic bottles, and then tried it out in Italy with food products that are found in Africa (bananas, tomatoes, apples, fish, etc.) - the results obtained were excellent. The next missions t...
12-07-2014 21:42 - Generic
On July 3rd, 2014, two women from Ivory Coast and one from Cameroon attended a training session organised by CSpace. These women will now be able to teach other operators how to make the nutritional paste in their respective countries of origin.
The same women were also shown the food dehydrator p...
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