19 Gennaio 2018
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"Preservation and Processing of local food products"

02-02-2015 21:52 - Generic
The "Preservation and Processing of local food products" programme was launched in January in collaboration with the Association "Cuochi Senza Barriere" (Chefs Without Barriers), with the aim to sustain the population of Guinea Bissau by improving their state of health through a balanced diet. Each year, malnutrition kills between three and five million children under 5 years of age. There are many photos of starving children that are part of the collective consciousness, but the reality is that many children are suffering from malnutrition in silence and away from the spotlight. Insufficient nutrition is the daily reality of millions of children.
Specifically, CSPace has further strengthened its belief in the importance of improving, in a stable and lasting manner, the health conditions of this wonderful population by acting appropriately on nutrition, in particular correcting meals that currently offer a single dominating food product day in day out and that are obviously the cause of these nutritional deficiencies.
This is why the January 2015 mission included a training course with the collaboration of the association "Cuochi Senza Barriere" of Milan on the "preservation and processing of local food products" that successfully took place at the Medical Healthcare Centre Madrugada Crl in Bissau - Guinea Bissau.

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