19 Gennaio 2018
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Beekeeping in Guinea Bissau

12-10-2014 16:35 - Generic
September 26th 2014 marked the conclusion of the mission in Guinea Bissau dedicated to Beekeeping, carried out thanks to volunteer Dr. Giuseppe Puglisi, vet and beekeeper from Cuneo.
In collaboration with the area´s different realities, the Centre for Peace Studies of Demonte conducted two training courses to improve and expand beekeeping expertise so as to enable the local beekeepers to obtain honey of a higher quality than that produced currently.
Bees are one of the most vital links in the global ecosystem. Their pollinating activities guarantee 30% of the world´s production of food and, therefore, the earth´s capacity to bear fruit and nourishment capable of sustaining the growth of African children, too often malnourished, pregnant women, and the many needy people of this great continent.
The courses not only focused on beekeeping, but also on environmental issues with the aim to avoid and prevent the death of our bees, a phenomenon that has been afflicting Europe, the Americas and even Asia for many years now.
Knowing the environment, safeguarding biodiversity, and a type of modern farming that is no longer tied to the excessive and indiscriminate use of chemicals (pesticides and herbicides), will enable the superfamily Apoidea to carry out their role as indispensible environmental fecundators in the most effective way possible.

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