19 Gennaio 2018
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The curtain has just come down on the 1st Edition of the project "The Earth Charter in Schools".

02-05-2014 21:29 - Generic
The 1st Edition of the project "The Earth Charter in Schools" came to an end on April 29, 2014 in the schools of Borgo San Dalmazzo, Boves, Roccavione and Demonte.
Students and teachers alike participated with enormous enthusiasm, producing interesting works from a creative point of view, and doing so well that the panel of judges found it a challenging task having to decide the winners.
The works were assigned a score from 0 to 5, and the results were:
class 2 E of Borgo San Dalmazzo 29 points;
class 2 of Roccavione 29 points;
class 2 B of Boves 25 points;
class 2 B of Demonte 25 points;
class 2 C of Borgo San Dalmazzo 24 points;
class 2 A of Demonte 23 points;
class 2 A of Boves 22,5 points.

The 2 winners, class 2 of Roccavione and class 2E of Borgo San Dalmazzo, each received a prize of 500 Euros, whereas classes 2B of Boves and 2B of Demonte each received a prize of 250 Euros.
In addition to this, each student received a copy of the book "sangue sul tour", by Alessandro Dutto, writer and editor of ArabaFenice, as well as an eco-friendly water bottle generously offered by PierH2° S.r.l.
The Nordic World and Olympic Ski Champion Stefania Belmondo was at the ceremony to announce the winning classes, and she also encouraged the students, stressing the need for commitment and effort in order to achieve victory in all paths of life.
The entire event took place via the web, thus making it possible to have a live message from the Coordinator for Interactivity and Social Media for the Earth Charter International Secretariat, Douglas Williamson.

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