Bookshops are closing, kebab shops are replacing them.

16-01-2014 21:18 -

Source: Prof. Rocco ALTIERI (Director of the Centro Gandhi di Pisa)
The book distribution sector is in crisis. Paperbacks are being displaced by electronic journals. Hardbacks are dying and e-books are taking over, but most of all "leisure time" is being spent surfing the net and updating Facebook. Precious reading time has been annulled. Every "Quaderno SatyĆ graha" took from one to two years of preparation, and involved complex study and research, not to mention the final organisation of the editing. We want to continue on this path, like Amanuensis monks, convinced that the book must not die and that it is invaluable in a non-violent perspective of cultural and social revolution. As Aldo Capitini wrote: "Books are what indicate titles of merit and guidance in the difficult moments of the people".